Acoustical Enclosures

All our sound proof enclosures are designed to allow the maximum aspiration and cooling airflow required so the machine does not overheat. Weather louvers, acoustic louvers, splitter and baffles are provided to suppress the noise where require. Anti-Vibration mounts can also be provided where required.

Many special features are available depending upon the application. Some types of equipment such as generator sets and air compressors are self contained, but may require features including:

  • Hinged or lift off doors with single or double seals
  • Single or double glazed windows
  • Louvers to minimize water entry and maximize air flow through the enclosure
  • Mesh openings to stop vermin and vandalism
  • Ventilation - by means of an auxiliary fan
  • Vibration isolation - rubber mounted
  • Internal partitions - from sheet steel
  • Ventilation and cooling
  • Access points
  • Equipment vibration
  • Environmental issuesM
Acoustic enclosures will be as varied as per customer's requirements, can be of one-piece construction (ie. with no tubing), or built up on an RHS tubular framework. The enclosure outer walls generally consist of 1.6-2.5mm thickness of mild steel sheeting, and are internally lined to meet your requirements. The lining material can vary from rock wool covered with perforated metal to foams and composites.

The design of the acoustic enclosure is capable of variation to many machine noise problems. Requirements can range from a small noise reduction, in which a minimal solution will be adequate, ie. An enclosure which may not fully enclose the machine, can achieve 5-10 dB (A) noise reduction. More elaborate enclosures can achieve a noise reduction of greater than 30dB (A), and can consist of one enclosure inside another.

Painting of the equipment can be included in our manufacturing, and will vary from finishing with machine enamel to two-pack epoxy, powder coating or other options.
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